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Staff Application Format

Please follow the format below to apply.

Steam Name: 

Steam ID: 

Trooper Complete Name: 

Real Life First Name (NOT MANDATORY):


Do you have a mic?: 

Amount of Warns:

Tell us about yourself:

Why do you think you deserve to be staff: 

How long have you been a part of this community:

How much game time do you have:

Previous staff experience (include server in position):

Are you currently staff on another server? If so, are you willing to leave them for us?:

Why should we pick you over other people?:

-- Please answer these scenario questions along with the application -- 

A player is misbehaving and calling other players names as well as insulting them. The two players begin exchanging names in ooc chat and the argument goes on for a good minute before you notice this isn't just a friendly game anymore. What do you do?:


You have been given the rank of trial moderator just a mere week before. You barely have any powers to discipline players, but you still feel confident in your ability as a staff member. However, you notice that a very respected admin is being a bit abusive with their admin powers and breaking the rules. All other staff members are afk and will not respond. What do you do?:


There is a new player that has joined and is having trouble getting the ropes of Starwarsrp. He/she is constantly asking for a trainer to come, but nobody is responding despite the constant chatter in ooc chat. What do you do to make this player stay and not lose interest in the server?:

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